The Jill Pill

July 10th, 2017

We all Scream


During our stay in Tempe, AZ, we frequented downtown Tempe where you can find a few places that would make ice cream sandwiches. You pick which cookies or brownies you would want as the top and bottom, the ice cream you want in the middle, and toppings that the ice cream would be rolled in. Some places like the Baked Bear would serve them hot pressed (the sandwich would be placed into a hot waffle maker and pressed). The result was a custom delicious ice cream sandwich. We also found this gem in Portland, OR where you can chocolate dip the sandwich. Don't


In Phoenix, AZ, we found an adorable ice cream place called Novel that was built inside a tiny home. Their specialty was ice cream stuffed donuts. You would select your ice cream of choice, it would be placed inside a glazed donut and could be hot pressed upon request. Yum, yum, yum.


Another one of our favorite ice cream places comes from Santa Ana, CA. My sister had sent me this video about a place called Cauldron and I immediately knew we had to come try the blooming rose.

I ordered the Earl Grey Lavender with honey drizzle and a dab of torched marshmallow. It was as delicious as it was beautiful.


Our other favorite ice cream place comes from Astoria, OR (where the Goonies were filmed). This place is called Frite and Scoop and they have freshly made ice cream and frites (fries). It’s a marriage made in fat kid heaven. The crispy salty fries come with complimentary dipping sauces or you can upgrade and try their specialty sauces like “No Big Dill”, “Smokeypotle", or even “Blueberry Mayo”. They pair perfectly with their cold, creamy ice cream and handmade toppings. They have a special topping called the “Whip and Chip” which consists of freshly whipped cream and potato chip crumbles.


James was happy too that he was able to order a dairy free strawberry sherbet. With an increasing amount of people who have trouble digesting dairy or simply chose not to consume dairy, it is great to see businesses have variety and choices!