The Jill Pill

May 24th, 2017

New Beginnings

20170601_185345.jpg My husband, James, and I were living in a trendy apartment building in a desirable city in New York. We had well paying careers and what seemed like a promising future. By most American standards, we were successful, yet, we didn’t feel successful or even happy for that matter. We had demanding positions which required well over 40 hours a week, had adopted an unhealthy lifestyle of eating out mainly because we lacked time to cook meals and depended on happy hours as a way to destress. What I found most ironic was that we finally had the means to travel but only two weeks a year to actually go somewhere.


One evening, as we watched HGTV, we started learning about the Tiny House Movement. This movement involves people deciding to give up most of their possessions to live a simple life in a very small home. How tiny is tiny you ask? The average tiny home is under 500 sq feet with some even being smaller than 100 sq ft. People choose this dramatic lifestyle change because it allows them certain freedoms. Freedom of mobility as most of these homes can be easily moved to new destinations, freedom from financial burden, as tiny homes cost a fraction of most homes which require a 30 year mortgage, and freedom from material stuff no one actually needs.

We found that sense of freedom greatly appealing and started to plan for our own transition into a tiny home. We spent months saving up funds and contemplating which tiny home choice was right for us. We went through every scenario from building a tiny home ourselves from scratch to buying a brand new RV. At one point, James even suggested buying an old school bus and converting it into a home. We narrowed down our search to buying an RV but even then, we were still left with a lot of choices. Did we want a Class A RV or a Fifth Wheel Trailer, did we want a brand new one or a used one, did we want a 20 foot trailer or a 40 foot trailer? Ultimately, we settled on buying a 10 year old, 30 ft fifth wheel trailer that we would renovate and make into our humble abode.


With the help of some YouTube videos, friends and family, and lots of patience, we underwent an extensive 2 month renovation process. Although, we had very little experience living or even driving an RV, we hit the road in November of 2016 and figured things out as we went. Follow us through our triumphs, trials and tribulations. Learn from our RV buying, renovating and living experience. Live vicariously through us as we see gorgeous sites and scenes across the US. Get inspired to pursue your own definition of the American dream, follow your heart, shoot for the stars, carpe diem…and other cliche sayings.