The Jill Pill

June 8th, 2017

Crater Lake National Park


We're currently parked in Portland, Oregon and decided to take a little trip to Crater Lake National Park. James had visited there years ago as part of a 4H program, but he had been there during the summer when there was no snow on the ground. Quite a contrast from the many feet of snow we saw as we visited mid May.


So much snow that on our way there, we literally ran out of road, as not all the roads had been plowed.


Not to worry, we did some extra driving and finally made our way to the Rim Village Visitor Center where we watched a video and learned about the history of this amazing lake. Crater Lake was once a 12,000 foot volcano called Mount Mazema, and 7,700 years ago the volcano began erupting and eventually collapsed forming a deep caldera. Over the years, the basin filled with melted snow and rain water, ultimately, forming this unique lake. There are no streams or rivers that feed into the lake which help it maintain extreme purity and clarity. The lake is also the nation’s deepest lake.


The park has other beautiful sites to see such as Vidae Falls and Pumice Castle, but they are only accessible in the summer. After some awing and gazing, we took a drive about an hour and a half south to the town of Klamath Falls where you can find a nice downtown area with cute antique stores.


We ate lunch at a Leap of Taste where we had a scrumptious veggie sandwich.


The ride to and from the Lake took about 5 hours each way. Quite a bit of driving but one of the best things about day trips is the simplicity of the ride and enjoying the scenery. Take a few moments to take your eyes off your phone and take everything in. In this case, my eyes were doing both, looking at my phone as I took these pictures.

lake_1_oregon.jpg lake_2_oregon.jpg field_oregon.jpg