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February 27th, 2019

Totumo Volcano Tour

All you need to know about the Totumo Volcano Mud Bath Tour in Cartagena!

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We booked our tour using credit card points but you can expect to pay around $29 per person for an all-day excursion that includes transportation, entry to the volcano mud bath, lunch, and some beach time. We used the Corona Tour Company but there are other companies that do a similar tour. At 8:30 am we took a short taxi ride (extra cost) to the meeting point at Cartagena Premium Hotel in the new city part of Cartagena. We headed toward the volcano, picking up some more people along the way. Come ready in your suit as you will undress on the bus once you arrive at the Volcano. All your belongings can stay on the bus, just make sure you take your towel and phone/camera with you. You'll climb a short wooden staircase and I suggest you try to make friends with those in line with you because you are about to get real cozy with them.

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The volcano is small and the mud bath area is even smaller. Be open and ready to get to know people well as you all huddle into this tiny area. This volcano is also known as "the volcano of youth" because the mud is said to have medicinal properties and minerals that nourish your skin. The mud is warm and very thick allowing you to be buoyant regardless of how much you weigh. It will be hard to control your body once you're in there but try to brace your core and if all else fails, hold onto the wooden pieces on the sides for stability.

Mud Bath Group

Add-ons You Should Do:

  1. Get a personal photographer! You can leave your camera/phone with one of the workers and they will take pictures for you. They took a few at different times and it was definitely worth it. Here's some of their work:

Muddy James

Muddy Hands

  1. Get a massage! Once in the mud, you have the option of having a man give you a nice rub down. Okay, that sounds gross, but honestly, it was a nice little massage. It did not feel skeevy and bonus, it helps to get those healthy mud minerals into your skin!


  1. Get a bath! Relive your childhood bath-time memories by having a nice lady bathe you. This sounds even weirder than the massage but you will appreciate the help getting all the mud out of your crevices. There is no sopa used just water and a bucket. The lady will put a string around your wrist to identify you as one of her clients.

Lake Bath

The add-ons cost $5,000 pesos ($1.62 USD) each and help support the community. Enjoy the services and don't worry about paying until the end. Once you are clean, you can retrieve your items from the bus and pay. Each vendor is paid separately so be sure to bring small bills.

After visiting the Volcano we drove back towards town and stopped at Manzanillo del Mar to have a typical Caribbean lunch which included fish soup, rice, salad, tostones, and either fried chicken or fish. Be prepared that if you order the fish, you will be getting an entire fish, head and eyes included.

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James and I got the vegetarian option which came with beans instead of fish or chicken. Unfortunately, the beans had been cooked with pork but we still appreciated the effort to try and accommodate us. Lunch also included a very sugary soda called Postobón (the Coca Cola of Colombia).

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While sitting for lunch, other vendors will offer you sweets, massages, beach cover-ups, and cocktails. You may also get a visit from some hungry little kitties.

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After lunch, we had about an hour of beach time which was a perfect amount of sun, sand, and water.

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Our tour ended when we were dropped off near our hostel around 3:30 pm. For the next few days we were still finding mud and sand in interesting places but I will say that my skin felt baby smooth.