The Jill Pill

November 15th, 2017

8 ways to stay fit while traveling

IMG_2663.jpg Having a consistent and regular workout regime while we traveled for 8 months was a challenge. Working out at home (in the trailer) was a not really an option for us. Ever try to do burpees in a trailer? I don't suggest it. Not only is space an issue but any jumping will have the trailer rocking pretty hard. If the trailer is a rocking, we are probably doing mountain climbers. Sometimes we had access to a gym facility, but usually we had to look for alternative ways to be active. For anyone looking for inexpensive ways to get your workout on while traveling, here are 8 fun and easy ways to get your sweat on.

1. Just play around

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_3b21.jpg Playgrounds will typically have some kind of monkey bar you can use or that nice soft mulch or flooring which is a great place to do some high impact moves. You’ll also find other gems like this merry go around. The physical benefits of spinning on it are unknown, but laughing burns 2 calories a second I think. This was at the KOA is Bismarck, ND.

2. Roll with it

IMG_3842.JPG Use some kind of wheels (other than your car) whenever possible as your mode of transportation. I liked utilizing my bike while James preferred his longboard. This is me taking a leisurely ride through the cultural trail in Indianapolis, IN.


One day James rode his longboard from Tempe, AZ to downtown Phoenix, AZ and back. The ride was 20 miles, yikes! UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_3b21.jpg When we visited the Golden Gate Park in San Fransisco, CA, we decided to rent a tandem bike. It was great idea in theory, but in practice was much harder than we expected. We learned that communication is key as the pedals need to work in sync. After a few failed attempts and lots of patience, we finally got into a good rhythm and enjoyed riding around the park. So even if you’re not use to riding a bike or cruising around on roller blades, give it a chance and have fun!

3. Try classes

20170424_202750.jpg I am an avid promoter for classes, not only because I teach group classes, but because, even as a student, I love to feed off everyone’s energy in class. Using the Zumba site, I was able to locate Zumba classes practically everywhere we went. One of my favorite classes I took was at EOS Fitness in Tempe with Thomasa Semaan. She even did special Zumba towel and glow party classes. I loved her class so much, that James and I joined the gym. Moreover, after 7 years of me encouraging James to take Zumba, he finally took his first class! IMG_2035.jpg Thomasa and I formed a friendship and we even had the chance to meet up again while we were in San Fran.

4. Be random

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_2cda.jpg Try something new even if it takes you out of your comfort zone. While we visited our friend Kathy, she took us ice skating. My last ice skating experience involved me having a less than graceful fall on my knee. I was a little more cautious this time, but still got a good workout.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_35df.jpg We also climbed this cargo net torturing device because why not? 20170319_154107.jpg And James tested out some of the equipment at Muscle Beach in Cali.

5. Equip yourself

IMG_4005.JPG We had brought with us our basic work out essentials like yoga mats, elastic bands and a jump rope, but we really kicked it up a notch when our friend Thomasa gifted us a TRX system. All we had to do was find a stable place to anchor it and we could do a variety of body weight exercises. This is me anchored to a metal pipe at our friend Jess’ house in Ionia, MI doing a mid row. The TRX folds away and took up barely any space in the trailer. It was perfect for traveling!

6. Take a hike


We made an effort to follow the sun and stay in nice weather which meant we got to do a lot of exploring outside. Spending time in nature is also known to be a stress reliever and mood booster. Some of our favorite places to hike around included Lake Saguaro in Arizona,

IMG_3477.JPG the lush and lovely Forest Park in Oregon, UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_328c.jpg Camelback Mountain in Arizona,


Sequoia National Park in California,

and the Redwoods National Forest in California. This hike was so steep that they gave us courtesy walking sticks to use, yay!

7. Unleash the power of Groupon


We found some great deals for discounted classes and activities on Groupon. Our favorite one was the Acro Body studio we found near our RV park in Tempe, AZ. We took handstand, acro yoga, acro dance, flexibility, and thai massage classes. We loved them! Everyone at the facility was super friendly and personable and we learned how to do some cool moves like the bird featured above. ("Jack, I'm flying!")

8. Walk it Out


It doesn’t matter where you go, but go somewhere. Some of the most interesting places we went to happened by accident because we went for a stroll. So do some walking and walk until you can walk no more.